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Ecofriendly glitter for face, nails, crafts, soaps, candles, body - 1 oz

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This glitter is made in the USA and is a more ecofriendly choice than standard plastic glitter!  

85% plastic free sourced from plant-based materials including corn, eucalyptus and polylactide

Biodegrades with the help of microbes in the soil but will not break down immediately in water so we still want to dispose of it thoughtfully. 

Most of these glitters will be stable in water and solvent based applications but please do a check for yourself before taking on a big project.  

This is not BioGlitter.  It is just a good more eco-friendly upgrade from polyester glitter that is compostable.  

NOTE:  The Holographic Silver Stars are extremely biodegradable though as they are made almost entirely of corn!  So these can't be used in solvent or water based projects.  They are just for the day!