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25g Edible Glitter Spray Pump Bottle

Brew Glitter

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Sparkle like you mean it; inside and out! Introducing our Brew Glitter in a convenient spray pump bottle! A spray or two will do to make your drinks shimmer, swirl and mesmerize! These 25g pumps contain enough Brew Glitter® to dial up the fabulousness on 120+ cocktails making it perfect for your large occasions like weddings, big birthday party, bachelorette celebration, brunch or just for fun! 

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Better yet Brew Glitter is:
- FDA compliant & 100% edible/ consumable
- 100% Kosher Certified
- Halal Certified
- Vegan, Nut Free, Dairy Free & Gluten Free
- Mineral based, not sugar based, so it does not dissolve
- Tasteless & texture-less