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Glitter Set |Glittery Chunky Glitter Gels | Festival glitter .65 oz | Body Safe | Aloe | No Adhesive

Glittery - Cosmetic glitter products

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No glitter adhesive needed - Aloe base | Goes on easily and stays put!

Available in the following colors:
Silver Lining - Silvers and iridescent mix including silver stars
Milky Way - Iridescent white mix of various sizes of glitters
Purple Haze - iridescent purple mix including iridescent whites and silver stars
Blue Jean - Intense mix of blues and silvers including silver stars
Band of Gold - Yellow gold mix of glitters of various sizes including stars
Ruby Slippers - Mix of Reds and coppers
Rose Gold - gorgeous mix of various sizes of rose gold glitters
Tiara - plant based mix of our more fine sizes of Firefly glitters
Pink Cadillac - various pinks and has silver stars!
Pink Rave - black light reactive mix of Neon Pink, Yellow, Green and Magenta
Naruto - Black light reactive mix of Neon Oranges and Yellows (from our Lit collection of blacklight glitters)
Mermaid - Metallic Teals and golds for an underwater magical mix
Pegasus - Darker than our Last Unicorn mix, contains Pinks, Blues and dark purple glitters and stars
Deja Blue - Iridescent aqua colors so is lighter than the Mermaid mix
Emerald City - Green and Gold mix baby!
Last Unicorn - Pastel mix of pinks, purples and blues and pink hearts!

Free applicator included

Gorgeous blends of different chunky and fine cosmetic grade glitters in a high quality cosmetic aloe gel base.

Fragrance free and glue free.

Easy to apply and comes with applicator spatula.

Everyone from Festival goers to cheerleaders to Drag Queens love our chunky glitter gels!