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Gold Glitter Set | 8 gold colors set | Cosmetic grades |bonus glitter stars

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8 different ultrafine .008" gold glitters! Plus bonus glitter stars! All lip safe and gorgeous in lip gloss! Great price for the variety and amount of glitter!

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Available in 3g samples, .25oz/7g bags, or 1oz bags plus bonus 10g of Champagne Gold Stars!

Colors include:
Champagne Gold .008
Holographic Champagne Gold .008
Holographic Champagne Gold .015
Field of Gold aka Yellow Gold .008
and Biodegradable golds -
Firefly - Shines fiery gold and is biodegradable glitter, compostable plant based glitter! .008
Firefly .025 - slightly chunky form of Firefly, gorgeous
Bronze Gold - this color is a deep rich gold and is Plastic Free!!
Light Gold - very close in looks to Champagne gold but made of plant based components!

We will be adding new colors and blends all the time so be sure to favorite our shop!

Highest quality ultra fine cosmetic grade glitters
.008 Hex
various amounts available
Great for nails! - solvent resistant
ultra fine
best selling colors!