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Lip gloss glitter set | 8 colors sampler | .008 Cosmetic grade | 3g each color | Holographic gold glitter, Holo silver glitter

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8 different lip gloss glitters! All lip safe and gorgeous in lip gloss!

Please read description-

1 level teaspoon of each glitter pictured here - it's a spoonful

also available
3 level teaspoons of each color - A lot of glitter for a fantastic price! Close to wholesale price by weight.

Colors included:
Holographic Champagne Gold - most popular lipgloss color!
Iridescent White
Champagne Gold - Matte sandy gold color
Mirage - Semisheer glitter that shines in a copper and a green duochrome
Bubblegum Pink - Metallic glitter
Firefly glitter - Shines fiery gold and is compostable plant based glitter!
Penny Lane - Gorgeous copper color
Strawberry Patch - duochrome color that shines in a red and a fairy wing iridescent green

We will be adding new colors and blends all the time so be sure to favorite our shop!

Highest quality ultra fine cosmetic grade glitters
.008 Hex
various amounts available