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Bulk Blacklight glitter - Lit Blue 008" Face and body UV Glitter, tumbler glitter, glitter diy, glitter for business

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Gorgeous glitter that shines in blacklight! Amazing Bright Blue UV Reactive glitter to dazzle at raves, parties, on tumblers, resin projects and more.

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Highest quality ultra fine cosmetic grade glitter
.008 Hex Ultra Fine --various sizes available
semi-sheer, blacklight reactive, blue
solvent resistant - great for nail application, tumblers, crafts, and cosmetic uses.

Cosmetic Use --How to apply and remove

Use your fingertips to tap the product on wherever you'd like. Fingertips work best but a flat/compact synthetic or silicon brush could also get the job done! If you're going for glitter liner or fun shapes, shape the glitter while it's still wet with a flat synthetic or silicon brush. Gently clean up the area with a spoolie or clean mascara brush. Apply in thin layers, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next. A little product goes a long way so be sure to tap on small amounts at a time for a smooth and even finish until you've reached your desired sparkle intensity! Our budge-proof formula dries down completely and stays put all day with zero creasing! If you're wearing makeup underneath, be sure to use an eyeshadow primer for your shadows. If you need a little extra strength for a big day ahead of you, use a glitter primer. Our glitters are safe for your face, eyes, hair, and body!

For cosmetic glitter, please remove with a spoolie, tape, lint roller, or wash into a separate bowl that won't be washed down the drain. Plain water or any cleanser can be used.

FINE GLITTER (008/025/040)
8oz Shaker = 5.5oz glitter or 1 cup
4oz Shaker = 3.5oz glitter or ⅔ cup
2oz Shaker = 1.5oz glitter o r¼ cup
1oz Baggies = 1oz glitter or 3 Tablespoons
7g baggie = 7g glitter or 3 teaspoons
3g baggie = 3g glitter or 1 teaspoon (overflowing a smidge)

Large HEX glitter (062/094)
8oz Shake r= 5oz glitter or1 ⅓ cup
4oz Shaker = 2oz glitter or ⅔ cup
2oz Shaker = 1.2oz glitter or ⅓ cup
1oz Baggies = 1oz glitter or ⅜ cup
7g baggie = 7g glitter or 2 tablespoons
3g baggie = 3g glitter or 2 teaspoons

For purchase of smaller quantity see listing:

Polyethylene Terephthalate, Polyeurathane-33, Pigment

Vegan & Cruelty-free.

This glitter is made in the USA


*Glittery LLC is not liable for ANY glitters put near the immediate eyes. This disclaimer is meant to explain that each customer needs to take precaution when applying ANY glitter to the immediate eye area. Anything, glitter or otherwise, that falls into your eye, can cause irritation to the cornea.
Glittery LLC is NOT responsible for how the customer applies the glitters. In this disclaimer, Glittery LLC has explained that glitter used around the eyes is deemed risky and, and Glittery LLC will not be held responsible for improper usage.


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