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Pegasus - Chunky Glitter Gel - Glittery - Festival glitter .65oz

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Sparkle like you mean it with our Pegasus chunky glitter gel - Gorgeous blend of different shades of dark pink, dark purple and vibrant blue glitter and other fun colored cosmetic grade glitters in a high quality cosmetic aloe gel base. This blend also has silver stars! This blend is made up of all chunky glitters. This is like our Last unicorn color but more intense.

This fantastic product is a blend of a cosmetic glitters of all different sizes and colors and our vegan aloe-based glitter gel. No craft glitter here! All of our products are handcrafted with only cosmetic grade glitters!

Easily apply to your face, body, or hair to create all sorts of stunning looks. Use a brush or the sweet little spatulas that are included with your order for an easy, no mess, application process!

Anybody can do this and make stunning streaks of shine anywhere they'd like! We don't add fragrance for now to avoid any unnecessary reactions. Not for use around eyes.

Wear it with jewels, micas, other chunky and fine amazing glitters for your raves, dance and cheers comps, festivals and everything in between.

Please use care when creating looks with this glitter and avoid using too close to your eyes.

It is never tested on animals.

Try creating amazing looks with a good glitter primer adhesive or glitter glue or for a more gentle wear, use either an aloe or hair gel or your favorite facial or body oil. This will keep the glitter in place whether on your cheeks or your other cheeks! We will be offering our own brand of sweet smelling natural oil to use on the body with the glitter soon!

To remove:

Use a cotton ball and make up remover and toss in the bin before washing so that we can keep it out of the drain and out of the ocean!

This product is fragrance and glue free. Easy to apply and comes with applicator spatula.