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Violets are Blue - Bulk Biodegradable glitter | .008 Ultrafine | Body Safe | glitter eyeshadow, wholesale glitter for lip gloss, tumbler,

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This glitter doesn't know if it is purply blue or a blueish purple so we named it Violets are Blue!
The other possible name was "You're turning Violet, Violet!"

Made from Cellulose, a fantastic blueish purple color glitter

A better eco-friendly choice than polyester glitter

Purple Periwinkle glitter to die for! Great glitter for tumblers, Resin projects, face painting, hair, and highlights, cosmetic grade, ultra-fine, pigment glitter, Tumbler glitter, Resin Glitter, Glitter Aesthetic, DIY Glitter

Size is .008" Hex

Available in:
2oz shaker - filled by volume
4oz shaker - filled by volume
8oz / .5lb bag - filled by weight
16oz/1lb bag - filled by weight
For purchase of smaller quantity see listing:  

ultra fine and solvent resistant glitter

This glitter is super-fine and poppin' and breaks down the way leaves would!

Wear it with jewels, micas, other chunky and fine amazing glitters for your raves, festivals and everything in between.

Please use care when creating looks with this glitter and avoid using too close to your eyes.

It is never tested on animals.

Try creating amazing looks with a good glitter primer adhesive or glitter glue